About us

Why were we created?

We felt there was a lot of work related stress in the Czech Republic associated with dishonest IT technologies and little joy by doing the work itself. We founded Smart One s.r.o. for this reason, and we have been already helping our clients to dismantle their IT problems for a few years.

We know that the right partner in business is one of the most important parts of the company’s growth and trust and the loyalty between them is crucial. That is why we work only with what we believe in and we ourselves use it, and thanks to that we recommend to our partners only proven technologies, which they can rely on.

We realized that an excellent service belonged to excellent IT technology so we focus on satisfaction of our employees and we take care of them so that they look forward to work after weekend and it would be enjoying to work with them. Thanks to this you will feel that working with us is the correct decision.

How do we do that?

Always differently and yet the same.

Each client is unique and has his own specific ideas. Therefore we like to do something extra for our clients and we permanently invent such services that even the most demanding customer can choose from. We understand we can grow up only with the growth of our partners.

We are constantly developing the certificates of our employees as well as the entire company, ensuring all the same quality of service and fair quality criteria of our services. To increase the credibility of Smart One s.r.o. we underwent a demanding scrutiny of the National Security Office (NBÚ) and obtained the security clearance of the state with the SECRET level of classification.

What do we do then?

  • We provide IT Management or IT outsourcing with advantageously monthly tariffs.
  • We deploy the best WiFi technology today, which amazed many clients.
  • We provide secure Cloud Services for backup and location of our customers’ data.

Thank you for your trust!