Cloud services

We will help you with the transition to the cloud. Cloud is today a broad concept under which you can imagine your running services, e-mails, files, workstations and much more without having to own a physical server. The company only uses a targeted service (e.g. e-mails), but the organization does not have to invest anything in expensive solutions such as air conditioning, UPS, expensive connectivity, etc. that are important for servers running. If you choose the right service provider, you will be rewarded by the trouble-free operation so you can concentrate on the most important – your business.

  • Microsoft Office 365:Office-365-New

This is a package of office software in the cloud complemented by the MS Exchange solution. Office 365 can handle the business communication in the company, e-mails, or calendars’ sharing. Of course, it is also possible to use desktop or mobile applications from Microsoft, all with one license. The strength of the solution lies in high availability of services and great compatibility.


  • Google APPS:google-apps-for-work

One of the biggest players in the world, Google, also has a similar service like Microsoft. The service contains online document sharing, a sophisticated e-mail solution including sharing calendars or documents. The service compatibility is very high, but it does not have desktop applications.


  • SBackup od SmartOne:

We offer an individual plan and backup system that is very important for anybody who appreciates his valuable data. It is a fully automated service where the client does not have to solve what, when, and how. However, if anything happens to your local data, they are saved safely with a back-up feature.

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