IT outsourcing

IT outsourcing is especially suited to small and medium-sized companies up to 100 employees, where it is not worth having its own IT department. With Smart One, we are able to cover for a particular person or for an entire IT team, so you do not have to solve operational issues any longer. We are contractually responsible for operation of information systems, stability, and much more. Let yourself be pampered.

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Benefits of IT outsourcing

You contractually get full control over your systems with our IT outsourcing. If you choose us, you get substitutability, regularly trained staff or a specialist for the given issue.

  • The fixed monthly price that can be deducted from taxes
  • We offer 2 variants of collaboration, including timely unlimited service support
  • We use special licensed SW for managing PC
  • Regular maintenance of systems
  • Systems monitoring
  • Guarantee of service availability
  • Contractual NDA on Confidentiality
  • Savings in the HR Department
  • Savings on employee training
  • Taking over the risks associated with IT
  • Stability and many years of experience
  • High professional competence
  • OnLine HELPDESK system for managing requests and viewing
  • We are insured

Are you coming from competition? Great

Almost all of our customers have came from the competition. If you are not satisfied with your IT support, be sure to consider the change and get more for your money.

  • Does the IT support resolve requests on time?
  • Does it take too much time to fix the problem?
  • Does the IT take steps to prevent the failures? Do you reach your IT on the phone?
  • Does your IT helpdesk have a request management system that you can look into?
  • Do you solve frequent problems and outages?
  • Do you have business support in the IT?
  • Do you receive monthly reports of paid work?
  • Do you receive an overview of the next Year’s investment?
  • Does your IT catch the growth of your company?
  • Do you know if your IT has sufficient experience or certification?
  • Do you solve a language barrier?
  • Does the IT speak a foreign language and is it lacking in the human access?
  • Are you using a complicated solution?
  • Do you have your systems and data backed up? Have you ever tried to restore them from backups?
  • Are your systems monitored?

If answers to questions are rather negative, consider the change! If you are switching from a competitor, you automatically receive 50% discount for the duration of both services and other benefits. The IT outsourcing is a service like any other, and its change is not as demanding as it may seem. Get the control over your systems with Smart One!

What is waiting for you?

In the first phase, we will find out, what you do, how your current IT works and where you want to move. After the initial introduction you will get a suggestion of possible collaboration. If we agree to collaborate, the initial entrance inspection (AUDIT) follows, which is extremely important for setting the right level and getting to know your environment.

We take over the IT gradually or from day to day, as needed. During the first days and weeks you will see us more often so we get to know and solve the demands that need to be addressed urgently. In the next phase we propose an optimal restructuring in addition to the standard requirements, which will streamline the IT and we will recommend what can be changed or modified.

We solve your requirements and regular maintenance remotely and locally, always depending on the specific situation. We are here to help you.

Our experience

Smart One has been on the market since 2013, each of us has many years of experience in this field. We put together a team of professionals, which has paid off for us. We focus on complex information technologies; we make security solutions, network solutions, server environments, MAC, Windows and much more. Each company uses somewhat different systems as well as the style of operation. We can adapt to current requirements and trends. Each of our specialists is also ranked according to the performance and the customer satisfaction, which leads to the great satisfaction of our clients.

Our certificates, including the review from the National Security Office, can be found here.

You can find more about the company here.

What will you get?

HelpDesk – Smart One

  • Functional and high-quality IT
  • Human and empathic approach
  • Great value for money
  • Reports of the work done
  • A team of experts who will take care of you in a very good and careful manner
  • Regular maintenance of systems including monitoring
  • OnLine HELPDESK system for management of requirements
  • Fast reaction time
  • Guaranteed rate of check-in
  • Independent business and quality support (for example, we compare prices of yourservices with the market including recommendations)
  • We inform you about the validity of licenses as a possible alternative
  • Contract without obligation due to the quality of our services

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