Professional Aruba WiFi network

We introduce you an UNDEMANDING network for DEMANDING customers. Aruba Networks is the manufacturer of top WLAN network solutions with a high emphasis on reliability and security. In 2015 Hewlett Packard bought the company Aruba Networks to become the world leader in LAN and WLAN network solutions.

Aruba belongs among the elite in WiFi networks and administers the world’s largest companies. Thanks to the highly successful “Instant” Access Points, Aruba Networks products are already successfully deployed by medium and small customers as well, who can also appreciate robust, reliable and automatically managed solutions at an affordable price now. Aruba, it’s not just WiFi, it’s a network of intelligence!

Why Aruba Networks?

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0 clients

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0 Mbps

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When choosing a technological partner, we were satisfied only with the best what can be bought on the market. It was a great step, and Aruba has been constantly convincing us that we have done well. The future is wireless. Nowadays, when IoT (Internet of things) comes and every user has many devices (mobile, tablet, notebook, PC, smart watch), the demands on the wireless network are big today. Ten years ago, it was enough to cover the company by one or two WiFi routers (of course, depending on the size) that were able to serve couple of clients. WiFi wireless bandwidth was also not overpowered, and overall networks were running without bigger difficulties, as they did not have much competition (other WiFi networks, bluetooth, etc.)

Today, when even toothbrushes begin to be wireless, the time requires a high-quality and professional solution that can handle a large set of devices. Not less important thing is security of the network, division of users by access rights, stability or BYOD as well.

Aruba is a network that is installed once, it is set up, and that is all. The key to success is especially the uniquely patented technology, high-end HW, scalability of solution and high compatibility.

Advantages of Aruba Networks

  • The highest possible security of the network at the military and banking levels
  • Central network management
  • Scalable network according to current needs
  • Many solutions (HW Controller, Virtual Controller – INSTANT, Cloud)
  • Concurrent use of up to 16 WiFi SSIDs (16 separate networks), such as another guest network etc.
  • Thanks to spectral analysis, the network itself can locate interference and can respond with automatic tuning so that it does not affect the clients (suitable also for highly disrupted locations)
  • The network itself has still optimized for maximum throughput and stability
  • The network automatically locates possible attacks and can effectively defend itself
  • Trouble-free and fast roaming (scrolling among various APs)
  • Low network management costs
  • Automatic transfer of clients among APs for maximum throughput, stability, signalstrength and load distribution
  • Warranty up to Lifetime Warranty by the type of solution
  • Also appropriate for branches, warehouses, logistics parks, public events and more
  • Solution from one WiFi AP to a robust corporate solution with thousands of APs and multiple controllers
  • Automatic redundancy (each AP is also a controller – Instant)
  • Sign-in option through login page – (personal page, automatic redirecting, facebook login, etc.)
  • Even a small network can handle hundreds of devices

Commercial use and other tools

The network intelligence is high and it is not just WiFi. A lot of systems can be operated over the network, which facilitate work, make connection of new clients more effective or even generate money to its owner!

Technical solution

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